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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

For my nephew.

I've badly been wanting to create baby things and you'd think with an 8 month old nephew and two 17 month old nieces I'd have plenty of opportunities. But I'm a slacker and rarely make them stuff. Well I recently made the nieces fleece jackets and little sun dresses but I didn't get pics so it's not worth really mentioning.

But I finally got around to making something for my beloved nephew! He's getting to be such a big boy and bigger babies always mean bigger messes so I made him a bib!

This picture isn't my nephew nor is it the bib I made. It's the picture from this blog which is where I got the tutorial to make my nephew's bib.

This is my nephew's new bib! His daddy likes elephants a lot so I found this material I thought would be perfect. I did change up the original a little bit. The tutorial recommends one layer of fabric and

one layer of flannel. I used just one layer of fabric and applied iron on vinyl on top of it :) That's why the crappy cell phone picture is shinny. I also added a pocket to catch what he might drop. The pocket is hard to see as I tried my best to perfectly match up the lines in the material's print. It's right there under the 3 big elephants. Where the brown line is above the peanuts. That was tricky to do. I made the width of the pocket a smidge bigger then the bib but when sewing I made the edges line up. This way the pocket balloons out a tiny bit to make an open pocket rather then a flat pocket. The inside of the pocket has vinyl as well so the entire thing is wipeable. Hopefully the pocket isn't so low that it's not functional. I don't have a baby to test it on until I give it to Nephew.

I'm pretty proud of it and hope when I give it to my sister-in-law she loves it. I think this is gonna become a go to baby shower gift as it took less then an hour from cutting it out to finishing sewing.

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